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Learn Everything You Need To Know To Start Earning Passive Income With Self Publishing. 
This Is A Complete All In 1 Course On Kindle Publishing, Paperbacks, & Audiobook Publishing. 

You Will Learn The Exact Methods That I Used To Scale Up My Business To Over 6 Figures Profit! 

If You Are Looking To Make Money With Self Publishing In 2019, This Course Is Simply For You! 

Your Instructor
Raman Shahi
6 Figure Internet Marketer and Business Owner
You Will Learn The Exact Methods That I Used To Scale Up My Business To Over 6 Figures Profit! 

If You Are Looking To Make Money With Self Publishing In 2019, This Course Is Simply For You! 

Your Instructor
Raman West
6 Figure Internet Marketer and Business Owner
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This Course Includes:
  • Step by Step System To Start Making Money Online With Self Publishing
  •  Learn How To Make Money With Kindle Publishing
  •  Learn How To Make Money With Paperback Books
  •  Learn How To Make Money With Audiobooks
  •  How I Scaled My Business To Over 6 Figure Net Profit Per Year 
  •  Complete Keyword Research For Kindle, Paperbacks, Audiobooks
  •  Pricing Strategies To Earn More With All 3 Versions of Your Book
  •  How I Earned over $10,000/month With 1 Book Alone Multiple Times
  •  Audiobook Strategies To Maximize Profits
  •  Setting Up Amazon Ads To Increase Sales And Earn More
  •  Build An Email List And Audience For Your Books
  •  Leverage Your Content And Earn More With Bundles
  •  More To Come!
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Course Lessons
More Lessons & Updates Coming Soon!
Module 1: Introduction
  •  Welcome
  •  Course Overview
  •  Create your KDP and ACX Account
  •  How to Get A U.S Address
  •  How To Get A U.S Bank Account
  •  Create Account For Email List
Module 2: Keyword Research
  •  Introduction
  •  What Are Keywords?
  •  FREE Keyword Research Tool: TIME SAVER!
  •  The 2 Most Important Components of Keyword Research
  •  Finding Profitable Keywords
  •  Keyword Research Tool To Analyze Competition & Potential
  •  The Secret To Finding Related Keywords
  •  Kindle eBook Keyword Research
  •  KDP Paperback Keyword Research
  •  Audiobook Keyword Research
  •  Keyword Research Strategy 1
  •  Keyword Research Strategy 2
  •  Keyword Research Strategy 3
  •  Audiobook Keyword Research Tip #1
  •  Audiobook Keyword Research Tip #2
  •  Audiobook Keyword Research Tip #3
  •  Niches
  •  Bonus Keyword Training / Market Domination Strategy That Helped Me Make Over $10,000/month With 1 Book
Module 3: Kindle Ebook
  •  Introduction
  •  How Long Should Your Book Be?
  •  How Much To Pay Writers?
  •  Should You Use Pen Names?
  •  How To Get your Book Written
  •  Get Your Book Written: Option 1
  •  Get Your Book Written: Option 2
  •  Get Your Book Written: Option 3
  •  Create A Cover That Sells your Book
  •  Kindle Format your Book
  •  Uploading Your Book To Kindle
  •  How To Add More Categories For Your Books
  •  Pricing Strategy For Ebooks
Module 4: KDP Paperback
  •  Introduction
  •  Format Your Paperback Book
  •  Convert Your Kindle Cover To Paperback
  •  KDP Paperback Pricing Strategy
Module 5: ACX Audiobook
  •  Introduction
  •  How to Post Your Title to ACX
  •  How Long Should Your Books Be For the Best ROI ?
  •  How to make sure you getting higher royalties
  •  How to Optimize your Titles to Rank Your Books on Audible
  •  How to Rank Your Books For Multiple Keywords 
  •  Pay PFH or Royalty Split for Long Term Profits
  •  How Much Should You Pay your Narrators ?
  •  Finding And Hiring Narrators
  •  ACX Codes to Help Rank Your Books
  •  ACX Reviews Method 1
  •  ACX Reviews Method 2
  •  ACX Keyword Research Data
  •  ACX Audiobook Pricing Strategy
  •  This Is More Important Than Price/Length For Higher Royalties!
  •  Make Money With Audiobooks Step by Step Tutorial
  •  Introduction  
  •  Launching Books with AMS Ads for Insane Profits
  •  Book Launch Case Study: Book has done $10,000+ Profit
  •  How to Have a High ACOS and still be Profitable
Module 7: Email List
  •  Introduction
  •  Step #1
  •  Step #2
  •  Step #3
  •  Here Is My Book Funnel You Can Use
Module 8: Bundles
  •  Introduction
  •  Step 1: Bundle Strategy
  •  Step 2: Create Bundle 
  •  Step 2: Uploading Bundle
AMS Ads Training With Dave Chesson
  •  Part 1.1 - Intro
  •  Part 1.2 - What Are AMS Ads
  •  Part 1.3 - How To Get More Out of AMS
  •  Part 1.4 - How to Approach AMS
  •  Part 2.1 - Intro
  •  Part 2.2 - Creating Your AMS Account
  •  Part 2.3 - Setting Up Your First AMS Campaign
  •  Part 2.4 - Understanding The AMS Dashboard
  •  Part 3.1 - Intro
  •  Part 3.2 - The Art of AMS Keywords
  •  Part 3.3 How To Find Profitable AMS Keywords
  •  Part 3.4 - Grouping Your Keywords For Campaigns
  •  Part 3.5 - Creating AMS Ad Copy That Sells
  •  Part 3.6 - Creating Display Ads & Using The Right Keywords
  •  Part 4.1 - Intro
  •  Part 4.2 - Monitoring your Campaign
  •  Part 4.3 - CPC Bid Strategy
  •  Part 4.4 - Growing Your Campaigns
  •  Part 4.5 - AB Testing Your Campaigns
  •  Part 5.1 - Extra Resources
  • Conclusion
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Frequently Asked Questions
How Long Is This Course?
This Course is has over 70 lessons, however there will be updates with new lessons.
How Long Do I Have Access To The Course?
You have lifetime access to the course. You also have access to the facebook group.
What If I Have Questions or Need Help?
You will have access to a private facebook group where you can post your questions and communicate with other members as well. 
Is There A Refund Policy?
There is a 24 Hour Money Back Guarantee from the time of your purchase. No exceptions!
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Yes you can pay with Paypal
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